PHOTOS: 2006 MMS Seminars

Michael Kaufman (Asthmatic Kitty) & Heather Peggs (Capitol)

Attendee interaction following the A&R panel

Maria Egan-Cohen (Columbia) mingles speak with attendees following A&R panel

Digital Music panel featuring Dodge (MyOldKentucky Blog), Nick Tangborn (CNET), Morgan Harris (Audio Lunchbox), Wendy Williams (Toolshed), and Ethan Applen (

EJ Freidman ( Recods) drops some knowledge on the Blogger Panel

Blogger panel featuring EJ Freidman (, Roberty Duffy (, Joe Long (, Dodge (, Craig Bonell (Songs: Illinois), Eric Harvey (

Billy Gottlieb (Playback Music / MS for Bones), Daryl Berg (Fuel TV), Sarah Sheehe, Jon Delange (Tinderbox)

Joe Schnieder (Pump Audio) and Chris Jackson (E! TV)

Tobi (XM Radio/XMU Channel PD) and Jon Delange (Tinderbox) outside the one-on-one sessions

John Sopkia (V2/Artemis) A&R at one-on-one sessions

Artist Development panel

June Neira (BMI) and John Allen (Bug Music Publishing) on the Publishing panel

David Silbaugh (Summerfest), Seth Fein (Nicodomus Agency), and Mike Grimes (The Basement/Grimeys) on the Touring panel.

Seth Hubbard (Polyvinyl), Laura Hamlett (Playback), Abby White (Performing Songwriter Magazine), and Jeffery Smith (Crash Avenue) on the Press panel


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